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program Thread

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#1 | Posted: 27 Oct 2009 21:10
Im ever make thread in fanuc control i use G76 but i read in manual program EIA, mazak use G32 or G92 to threat cutting
i will make thread using EIA Program,usually i use mazatrol program
do anyone help me to give me sample program using G32 and G92
For example M45x1.5 as long 50mm
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#2 | Posted: 31 Oct 2009 07:42
depends on the vintage of your integrex. matrix integrex has only the latest style of EIA standardized G codes available.

fusion and early has SIX SETTINGS for G code type. P9 and P16 parameters control this and the listing of each style is in the EIA programming books. T32 compatible or not, in G code "style A, B, or C". I think A and B are old style and C is new, but that may be wrong?

G32 is identcal to G01, but uses the threading resolver while performing a G01 move. you program four moves per pass and calculate the diameter change an infeed yourself for the start point of the thread.

G92 is just like fanuc box cycle. gives you four moves for each change in starting point. follow the book, fixed format type of thing.

G76 can be done old way - single line and parameter defaults, or new way two line G76, both with rigorous fixed format program words! HOWEVER - matrix only allows "new way" 2 line G76.

Roughly. The EIA programming manual covers all this quite well.

-90% Jimmy
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#3 | Posted: 8 Nov 2009 19:11
Hello, Jimmy...
Could you give me sample program using G32, G92, G76 for M45x1.5 as long as 50mm
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#4 | Posted: 10 Nov 2009 09:26
well, you asked. here's some very unproven matrix eia lathe programming. note the conversion to inch. i never got the usage of g20 and G21 for mazak's for inch/metric switchable?????

This is very unproven and there may be some mistakes.

EX 1 G32 (NO "cycle" G32 is just a G01 with thread resolver synch)
G00 X1.77165 Z.2 S1000 M103 (M203?M3?, M303?)
G32 Z-1.9685 E .059055
G00 X2.
G32 Z-1.9685

EX 2 G92 ("Box" cycle - once involked with G92, you get FOUR moves in a rectangle for every change in X. I think it's modal and I think you need G00/01/02/03 to cancel, G00 preferred)
G00 X1.77165 Z.2 S1000 M103 (M203?M3?, M303?)
G92 X1.75 Z-1.9685 E .059055
G00 X1.77165 Z.2 S1000 M103 (M203?M3?, M303?)

EX 3 G76 (Fanuc type modern "two line" G76 multi-repetitive sysle)
G00 X1.77165 Z.2 S1000 M103 (M203?M3?, M303?)
G76 P010060
G76 X 1.77165 Z-1.9685 P.059055 Q .03 F.05955
G00 X1.77165 Z.2

I would call it all FANUC COMPATIBLE.

Sorry this is so half assed. I don't have a machine to "play with" at the moment.

-90% jimmy
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#5 | Posted: 15 Nov 2009 18:58
thanks Jim...
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#6 | Posted: 6 Jul 2010 15:07 | Edited by: manigee65
hello jimmi,

acctually i want the calculations for G76 m45 x1.5 on length is 50mm..

how can we calculate these figures...
plz its kind request to u ...

explain EX 3 with calculations...

or send me any articale about calculations for G76...
if possible then mail me on my id.

best regards,
Abdul Mannan

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