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E Man
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#1 | Posted: 3 Jan 2017 13:57
We have ran into this problem in the past, but today it allowed the machine to crash and I was wondering if anyone out there has seen this or has an idea for a fix. The problem is that sometimes when an operator does a pallet change with M911 or M912 he accidentally types in M91(mirror image along the X) or M92(mirror image along the Y) usually this just messes up the hole pattern if it is not equally spaced, but today we were working on a tombstone on a 1060 Integrex and the operator typed in M91 which mirrors along the X axis. The tools all run at 90 degrees with G68 active which then flipped the plus Z to minus Z and resulted in a significant crash. Sometimes on machines that don't turn the table and are loaded on opposite sides of the pallet changer like a V515 I have used mirror image but on most machines that have a C axis I never use mirror image, I would love to disable the ability to use it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...Thanks
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#2 | Posted: 9 Feb 2017 09:29
Why not put an M90 (Mirror cancel) in the safety block in all your programs? Sometimes you just have to take the excuses away from the operators and take control yourself.

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