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Android app to calculate Mazatrol helical and tapered approach parameters E32-E35

#1 | Posted: 5 Sep 2011 14:17 | Edited by: integrexman
If your like me you know what ramp angle and radius for helical entry I want to use when making a pocket in Mazatrol. The problem is figuring out what to set the four parameters E32 and E33 for helical approach and E34 and E35 for tapered (ramped) approach. This app lets you enter the tool diameter, ramp angle, radius and axial cut depth and it will calculate what to set the parameters to.

This first version only calulates the helical approach parameters E32 and E33. I will get to the tapered parameters soon. I have not used this yet, I will be testing it this week. Let me know if you think it works.

#2 | Posted: 10 Sep 2011 15:03 | Edited by: integrexman
I added E34 and E35 tapered parameters. For those who did not know the Matrix control added helical and tapered (ramp) approach for pocketing units. There are two parameters for helical approach E32 and E33. E32 sets the approach radius and E33 the helix angle. The parameters are based on percentages. So if you set E32 to 50 the approach radius would be half the diameter of the tool. 50% is the biggest number you would want to put in because if the approach radius was bigger it would leave a boss at the center of the hole.

I am not sure if E35 is being calculated right. The parameter book says E32, E33, and E34 are % but it say's E35 is 10%.

#3 | Posted: 13 Sep 2011 17:27
Anyone give this a shot yet?

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