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Standard tooling list that came with the Hyper Quadrex 150 MSY in 2011

Doogie P
Forums Member
#1 | Posted: 26 May 2016 13:16
Greetings all, we recently acquired a used HQR 150 MSY. There was tooling that was advertised with the machine and was supposed to come with the machine. The seller is playing games with us and not releasing the tooling which, is basically holding us for ransom. Everything that was supposed to come with the machine is all of the exact same tooling that comes with a brand new machine as standard.

If there is anyone who can provide me with the standard tooling list that was included with the base price of the machine in 2011 that would be awesome! If you can send me a quote from 2011 that lists what tooling that came as standard that would be even better!
Forums Member
#2 | Posted: 26 Oct 2016 12:15
standard tooling list wich comes with any machine is listed in Operating manual at the end, were dimensions and axis limitations are mentioned.

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