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What do you think MAZAK needs to Add/Change to make the MATRIX control better? (READ FIRST POST)

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#1 | Posted: 4 Dec 2008 08:38 | Edited by: integrexman
It seems the Matrix control has had more updates in 1 year than my Integrex 200IIIST (made in Feb 2002) has ever had (yes it has the newest Main A,B). Like most of you there are things I would like to see the control do that it can't.

If you have an idea you think would make the machines programing and use better post them in this thread.

Posting Rules
1. Do not keep making new posts when you have a new idea. Use the "edit" feature in the upper right to add/edit your post to add the new ideas.
2. Put the date you last added/edited your post.
3. Tell us which Integrex you have, 100,200 etc.
4. Break your list of ideas into sections Mazatrol, EIA, ToolData, Poistion Screen etc.


2-Integrex 300IVST
1-Integrex 200IVST
3-Integrex 100IVST
7-Integrex 200IIIST
2-Integrex 100IIIST
1-Integrex 100IIIS

1. More ways to limit the RPM of HEAD1 and 2.
a. In the Common Unit have seperate MAX RPM Limits for Head1 and 2(when heads are synced the head with the lowest RPM would be the limit).
b. Add a field in the TPC Data for all Bar and Groove Units to set a MAX RPM for that Unit.

2. Add a Field in the TPC to turn the Rapids Down for that Unit.

3. Pocket milling with XC mode.

4. Add a field in the Upper turret's TPC's Approach and Escape Relay Points for the C axis.

5. This can be fixed by changing parameters F166 Bit0 to a 0 and L57 to 1. The ability to change the diameter of an endmill while the machine is running. The MTPro can do it. I don't know how many times I start another part then after inspecting the one that just came out and have to hit RESET change the diameter and then do a restart.

6. We need a better way to add/change priority numbers when a new unit is added to the program or the order needs changing.

1. Why can I not change tools without first defining it and giving it a tool length?!!! WHY?
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#2 | Posted: 30 Dec 2008 11:52
I think for the most part Mazak has thought of everything, but there is one thing I would like to be able to do and that is

1) Tornado mill a hole at X0 Y0 Z0.
when you define the position of the hole as soon as the machine see's X0 and Y0 it should know to use XC because it will not travel too far below X0.............

other than that when you have been using G code machines for so long it seems nice that Mazak has put a lot of effort in to trying to cover almost everything.
simple things like remembering the last time you ran the job the work shifts are there.

oh, I just thought of something,

2) I would like more pages for chuck jaw definations or at least be able to add another page when needed in a job shop I find lots of new jobs comeing in and the need for more chuck jaws definations would be nice,


3) They need to do something about the design of the X axis guards( I realize this isn't a control issue) I have done some modifications to prevent chips from getting crushed and jamming into the sheetmetal area
there are photos posted on this website but you would have to look for them, but you can see what I mean, as far as I am concerned the X axis chip guard design is garbage and needs to be totally redesigned have a look at a Okuma Multus (not that I like the Okuma over the Mazak)
but it looks alot cleaner for chips to flow down and off into the chip conveyer
#3 | Posted: 30 Dec 2008 12:03 | Edited by: integrexman
1) Tornado mill a hole at X0 Y0 Z0.

That would be cool. Maybe they could make a way to MillTurn the I.D. of a part Like the O.D.
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#4 | Posted: 30 Dec 2008 14:45
Chuck and jaw barriers - make new parameters that cover collet chucks.

In other words, the barriers only consider the possibility of a conventional three jaw chuck. So if collet chuck, how do you tweak the parameters CORRECTLY? Answer: You can't. You have to fudge the definition of the chuck and the jaws to come close, but it's clunky.

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#5 | Posted: 2 Feb 2009 10:12
Integrex 400IV


an "undo" button would be nice,
a ZC move with the B-axis at any angle, in mazatrol.
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#6 | Posted: 3 Feb 2009 11:52
i think i would really like the option to have the DXF import function on the control that you have in matrixcam. even if it was a pricey option i think it would sell.
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#7 | Posted: 3 Feb 2009 15:24
I would like to use a ( / ) just like in a EIA program so you could do or not do a whole unit like maybe drill a bolt circle of holes or make some parts with the hole or without the holes
this would be good because not only would it switch on or off the ability to block delete a feature on the part it would include spot drill , drill and the tap

for example
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#8 | Posted: 3 Feb 2009 15:35

I have had the need to mill simple 3D shapes and thougth it would be pretty easy for Mazak to add to 3D milling option used on the milling machines. (and not charge 10k for it)
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#9 | Posted: 3 Feb 2009 17:11
We've had our Integrex 300 4 ST about 6 months. I use Matrix cam on my desk top computer in my office and then transfer the program to machine using a flash drive. My question is how do you get these updates you talk about ,no one from Mazak has told me about updates .Can anyone guide me here.
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#10 | Posted: 3 Feb 2009 19:02
Usually you get an update if you have a problem and they think it will resolve the issue. I recently did get an unannouced update on my four HCN4000II's, but that was done by Mitsubishi with Mazak tagging along for moral support. Remember, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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#11 | Posted: 4 Feb 2009 19:36
200 IV-S

1- A parameter change unit or a way to modify specific parameter by TPC... meaning modify any parameter by the way of a simple mazatrol unit.
2- I ask for an undo function too!!
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#12 | Posted: 5 Feb 2009 02:23
The ability to resort your tool library in the stocked tool section of the tool data. I have stacks of tools numbered by ranges and they are out of order with no way to sort them. A simple arrange by tool number would help. Better yet would be a way to sort them all into groups and assign tool numbers by the tool type.

A current, realistic list of what all the machine parameters do.

Load force autop pecking with a trun drill on the main and sub spindle

Half a dozen readilly accessible I/O points without having to spend thousands. Would it really cost more than a few bucks to add the option during assembly. Shoot even HAAS has a bunch of available spare I/O, so does Fadal.

A cycle complete buzzer that you can set the time it sounds or disable it with a softkey.

Washdown system with air blast.

A user settable parameter to override the safety key for setup purposes.

An air gun and a holder by the operator.

A coolant washdown gun and a holder by the operator.
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#13 | Posted: 5 Feb 2009 02:36
A way to update single insert tools defined several ways so that whne you change the insert, the tool life history gets reset for each tool definition. It should have a user selectable box to enable this function or not. For flash tools it needs to change the tool history for the inserts at a specific position while leaving the rest alone.

A tool probe arm that simply checks the Z axis tool length as the tool is being put away in the magazine to check for a broken tool without adding to the cycle time or requiring the use of the pre-setter. Some setups don't allow the presetter.

The ability to import tool models.

A simulation that at least equals most of the major cam systems out there.

Height adjusment on the monitor. Vici thinks it's too high, I'd like it higher.

A decent sized parts catcher, not the toy that's included.

A gantry loader/unloader that can load slugs, bars, or spare tools.

An additional tooling magazine that can be tended to when the machine is in cycle. It should have the ability to swap tools into and out of the main magazine as needed.

Water proof cameras with air blast on the lenses over the main and subspindle. Preferably capable of remotely connecting to a wireless access point independant of the control.

The reliability of a HAAS with the power of a Mazak

Decent signage. Who in their right mind is proud of the "Good Design Award" on their mahcine. I mean come on, I can see better, or best, or maybe even average, but just good? You never see a bumper sticker that says my student is just a good student at bla bla high school do you?

Decent lighting in the tool magazine area that comes on when the door opens or with a switch. An air outlet back there would be nice as well.
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#14 | Posted: 5 Feb 2009 11:03
Oh ya, many of things I've already added but the one thing I'd love would be a simple parameter setting that allows me to define the status of "Optional Program Stop" at power up.

Currently there is no way to set it so it will be on at power up, and you need to turn it on each time you need it. I'd rather see it on since if it's not needed, it won't be called for in a program and no stop will occur.

It can be done on almost any other control. Why not the Matrix?
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#15 | Posted: 5 Feb 2009 12:25
Mazak Integrex 4 100 ST


The machine simulation in EIA is to slow, especially at 5X milling

Tool Data:
The possibility to copy and paste tool data to another tool number

a camera (maybe a webcam) to have a look at each tool into atc magazine

Matrix Controller:
An ergonomic keyboard without pain in my upper arm at programing

Machine area:
better lights inside the machine (we changed the little one at head2 against a bigger one)
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