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Alarm 293 Sensor no.4

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#1 | Posted: 2 Feb 2012 07:00
We have an Integrex 200-sy Serial # 144517. With an Alarm 293 Sensor No. 4. I belive this to be a Thermo displacment problem. I Ohmed out all three sensor connectors at the A50 Thermo Anolog Box and thay are all showing open. I wasn't able to check while the alarm was present however, because the operater had reset it. Should I wait for the alrm to return and Ohm out the sensors then? Does anyone know of anything else I can try? We get this Alarm about every day or so and it's becoming more frequent. Somtimes it will not reset and you must power down mach. Also, When this happens the part comes out about .004 off.

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