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Integrex 400SY doesn't react as Integrex 400Y or 200Y

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#1 | Posted: 14 Apr 2019 23:52
Hello Integrex machinist Forum,

First of all, thank you for the very interesting data we find on this forum to deal with the very strange 640mt machines.

Our problem is the following :

On our company we have several 640mt machines (Integrex 200Y, 200SY , 400Y , 400SY).

Two years ago, we started a new aeronautic production on a 200Y.

Thanks to the data we found on this forum, we decided to use the Mazatrol tool data in our EIA programs via peek parameters, this is very useful , we can directly work with the measurements of tools make with the tool eye without copy manually the values on the ISO tool data.

For doing this we use the following instructions:

#502=ABS[PEEK[5,3,262]]/1000 (Z MACHINE ZERO POINT)
#503=PEEK[5,3,263]/1000 (X MACHINE ZERO POINT)
#500=#529(TOOL CALL EXAMPLE 0101.1301)
#501=PEEK[11,410,1,0,0](TOOL NO IN HEAD)
#504=#501+[#500-FIX[#500]](TOOL PEEK CODE EXAMPLE 01.1301)
#505=PEEK[1,1,#504,1] (X OFFSET)
#506=PEEK[1,1,#504,2] (Z OFFSET)
#510=PEEK[1,1,#504,3] (X WEAR)
#511=PEEK[1,1,#504,4] (Z WEAR)
#507=[PEEK[5,1,8,2]+PEEK[5,3,234]]/1000 (A8 + B234)

These instructions work perfectly for our 200Y and 400Y.

However, now , the production must use the 200Y and 400Y for other parts production, we have to move our aeronautical production on our 400SY.

The problem is the 400SY doesn't react as the two other machines. The Integrex 400SY doesn't retrieve the correct Mazatrol tool data with #504=01.1301 (ToolNumber.Direction(.0=Horizontal,.13=HorizontalReversed)Mazatrol Index (A=1, B=2)) , this machine only retrieve correct values with #504=01.13 (ToolNumber.Direction).

The problem is we can not cover all our cases with this working , we can have on the same tool, the same directions with differents index , examples :
-Turning tools where we manage two cutting edges in the same direction
(grooving tool: to ensure diameter departure of the groove (1st cutting edge) and the width of the groove (2nd cutting edge)
-Head angle with a modular tool interface (we can use differents tools on the same angle head)

Is someone can help ? Do we need to use other PEEK commands for the 400SY ? Or maybe we have to write something with the POKE to have the behaviour we want with the machine ?

For information, we already checked the user parameters (P,..) , we have the same on the differents machines.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards.
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#2 | Posted: 11 Nov 2019 02:24
We solved the problem : MITSUBISHI updated the NC software of the machine

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