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New to Forum - Reviving an Integrex 30Y

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#1 | Posted: 29 Feb 2020 20:47
Hello Everyone,
I picked up an Integrex 30Y about 3 months ago. I have started collecting manuals to try to figure out what the machine is missing.

I think I have rebuilt the controller.

This machine appears to be a Japan Export. I can't tell exactly but there may have been a transformer between main power and the machine. Can anyone confirm this? I have 208 and 480 VAC easily available and I have an old Howa Okuma Mill that has a transformer which may provide the 'odd' voltage the machine wants as an input. The tag says 230/460V 3AC...

The next main thing I need to find is the tool setter arm.
Q1. does the tool setter arm open to a specific location? I.E. if I get a different tool setter arm will it work as long as the machine knows how far the setting location is from work piece?

I also appear to be missing 'something' on the back of the shrowd right above the tool change door. It appears something was bolted on there.

I will try to post pictures of the places where I seem to be missing things.

Can anyone post pictures of their controls cabinet Please?

I found that the electrical schematics I found have different servo drive numbers.
My units are MDS-B-SP-300 for the spindle drive, MDS-B-CV-370 for the power supply
MDS-B-SP-110, MDS-B-V2-3520, MDS-C1-V1-20
In the schematics I have they identify the MDS-A and no where does it refer to the 370 Power supply.

Anyone willing to toss their thoughts, pictures, or opinions on here, please do!

I haven't ruled out parting out the machine, but I would really love to get it working. it doesn't appear to be missing too much now that I have a controller.
I have about $800 in getting the controller re assembled, but haven't spent any other money yet. I think the tool setter arm (tool eye) will be the next big purchase once I can even find one.

Thank you!

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