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tool nose comp

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#1 | Posted: 30 Mar 2015 11:52
Need a little help, have a new E-500H- S- II.We run in EIA but sometimes use MAZATROL, problem is when I use MAZATROL and have a .0312r insert set in tool data for a boring bar it cuts twice the radius size smaller. When I put. .0 in for radius size it cuts to program size.
 Machine seems to be set to be set to comp in radius not diameter,it does same in EIA, I put. 015 in tool and it cuts .030 stock.  I know it just has to be a parameter but which one.
It's a Matrix 2 control.
Thanks for any help.
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#2 | Posted: 1 Apr 2015 11:49
Duhh,oh well fixed now

under tool data=> top left screen have SET-UP tab use ur mouse click on in and there should a X in diameter mode click on that then it should fix your problem

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