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wireless communication set up

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#1 | Posted: 20 Mar 2015 17:02 | Edited by: Rodzilla
I want to se up a wireless router so that all our Mazak's in the shop can see the office PC to save and print programs and set up sheets etc.....I went out and bought the Linksys E1200 the one that Mazak advised would work , I just opened the box and noticed theres a disk for the set up , well we all know Mazak's don't have disk drives only USB . so my question is has anyone out there done this type of set up ? and if so do you have any advice.
we have 3 Integrex Machines, a Mark III a Mark IV and a J400
Bill S
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#2 | Posted: 23 Mar 2015 11:06
You should be able to copy the disk contents to a thumb drive and run the install from that.
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#3 | Posted: 23 Mar 2015 14:59
yes we thought about that and Mazak said , NO don't do that, however when we plug in the router It see the office without the driver , now its just a mater of configuring the network on each machine.

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